The builder is finished and the cleaners have gone and you are ready to celebrate. Before you crack the champagne and soak in your long-awaited bubble bath you should check and double check everything!

Step 1 – Damage patrol

Check everything thoroughly. Check for chips in the bathtub, on the vanity and around the tiles. Everywhere! I once found a tradie had dropped a tool in a tub and chipped it. He tried to cover it up with white silicone. The builder paid for it to be repaired after I proved my clients had not used the bathroom yet.

Step 2 – Damage control

If you are not happy with something call the builder ASAP. Getting tradespeople back is hard. The longer you leave it, the harder it will get.

Step 3 – Follow the builder’s instructions

No matter how keen you are to use your new shower or toilet, follow the builder’s instructions. Shower screens are one of the last things to be installed. The silicone they use needs time to set before you start running hot water over them and swinging large heavy slabs of glass (as in, opening the shower screen door before everything has set).

Step 4 – The clean- up

Often the last members of the crew on-site are the cleaners. Some tiles, in particular, are notoriously hard to clean but your cleaners should have the know-how to do a good job. If you are unsatisfied, ask the cleaners to come back. A good builder will appreciate knowing when their cleaners haven’t met the mark and either need to be retrained or replaced.

Step 5 – Make it your haven

Grab all those accessories you’ve purchased and pre-washed and make it your haven. Hang those towels, light those candles and arrange your soaps. Then sit back in your beautiful new bath and wash all those building cares away.

Step 6 – If you’re happy and you know it…

Pay your builder promptly and tell others about him. When your builder does a good job, they deserve your appreciation. Paying them quickly and giving your builder referrals is all the appreciation that they want.

Step 7 – Enjoy!

Hopefully after following these before, during, and after steps, your renovation has gone without too many problems. Enjoy your bubble bath and wash away those woes. You have survived your renovation, your relationship is intact, and you still have a job. Congratulations.