How to find quality bathroom products without the huge pricetag

Dream versus reality

When it comes to adding value to your home or investment property, few projects can have as big an impact as a bathroom, kitchen or laundry renovation.

But your dream of designing a luxurious space can soon come up against the reality of your budget – and inevitably you start looking for bargains.

Beware: today’s marketplace includes online ‘deals’ which can seem enticing, but which can lead to costly mistakes – taps that don’t work well with basin choices or bathroom accessories that lack the quality of workmanship you were hoping for.

Not only that, but finding a supplier that can give expert advice and then deliver your goods on time can be a major achievement in a complicated renovation process.

Having your taps and toilets ready to go when your builder arrives may seem like a small detail, but it can mean the difference between a renovator’s dream – or a kitchen and bathroom nightmare.

Don’t buy a name – buy a product!

There are so many options when it comes to buying taps, toilets and accessories, including the kitchen sink. Going to showrooms and displays is only the start of the process. The online shopping choices are endless, and being a smart consumer has never been more important.

It pays to remember that just because something is a recognizable brand doesn’t necessarily make it best value. The quality might be there – but too often you’re playing for big marketing campaigns and fancy packaging.

The Banio difference

Banio is an expert in bathroom, kitchen and laundry renovations for domestic and commercial consumers. We deal directly with quality manufacturers and import straight to the warehouse ready for distribution so you can be confident that your order will arrive on time.

We guarantee the quality of our products and are passionate about providing luxury accessories at an affordable price, without compromising on style or functionality. Our products are designed and manufactured to the highest level of craftsmanship and comply with Australian Standards.

Compromise on price, not on quality

Banio understands consumers want beautiful bathroom accessories and stylish toilets at wholesale prices. We are committed to delivering high end quality at a lower price by dealing directly with the manufacturer – and passing on savings to our customers.

We are growing our online presence and invite you to compare prices and quality. As a family-owned company, we are committed to helping make sure your bathroom, kitchen or laundry renovations run smoothly.