Surviving during your new bathroom renovation takes patience. Here are 7 easy steps to help you through those challenging weeks.

Follow these 7 steps to help you deal with what’s ahead.

Step 1 – A fresh start to your day

If you’re lucky you have a second bathroom and toilet. If not, you will be relying on neighbours, family or the gym. Negotiate shower times to minimise inconvenience to your host and hire a port-a-loo if necessary. Renovations can be stressful but try to ‘play nice’. You are getting a lovely new bathroom at the end of this rocky path.

Step 2 – Tell your boss before it starts

Calling your boss to tell them you’re going to be late is easier if they are forewarned.

Tradespeople are regularly unreliable. If a tradie wants to ‘check something’ with you, there is no telling how long you will be delayed. Make it easier on everyone, let your boss know you’re renovating, you may get more sympathy than you realise.

Step 3 – Expect the unexpected

No builder has x-ray vision. When the renovation starts, expect the unexpected. From rotten timber floors to drummy render. Yes, the budget will take a hit but don’t take it out on those around you. During your initial discussions a good builder would have highlighted these possibilities.

Step 4 – Remember to breathe, then compromise

Something will go wrong with any building project. Negotiate with your tradie and work to find a compromise. Arguments and blame will only lead to more trouble rather than a workable solution. Remember, calm people calm people.

Step 5 – Admit you’re new to this game

Unless you have been renovating for years you will hear jargon and builder’s talk that you don’t understand. Ask! Clarify! Confirm! It is smarter, and cheaper, to admit you’re naïve than coming home to find the tiles are not laid as you expected.

Step 6 – Play nice with your tradies

If you’re home one day, offer them a cuppa. One small kindness goes a long way in the renovation world. Ask your tradies’ names and then remember them. You may want to recommend them (or avoid them) in the future.

Step 7 – Don’t jump to conclusions

If something isn’t right, ask. If you don’t like the answer, ask someone else. Fixing things while they are happening is much easier than going back a couple of steps (or days). Either you or the tradie may have misunderstood something. See Step 4.

Remember your renovation has been going for a few days now and you are probably sleep deprived. Take a deep breath. Pour a beverage and start imagining your lovely new bathroom. You’re so close.